Testimonials from participants of the Youth Mental Health First Aid Course

• ‘David’s easy going, convivial presentation made the material engaging’ 14/3/2012

• ‘Personal stories & experience provided by instructor enables attendees to relax and understand better’ 29/2/2012

• ‘Very thorough, experienced instructor with plenty of experiences of scenarios we might face’ 26/2/2012

• ‘Dave’s presentation was excellent, very clear and inclusive’ 18/1/2012

• ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought it was presented very well, Dave kept it interesting and ensured all content was understood before moving on.’ 17/1/2012

• Strengths – ‘Coverage of common symptoms and real life examples (from Dave, not the group exercises)’ 7/12/2011

• Strengths – ‘the honesty and candid delivery of the material, experiences and stimulus materials’ 7/12/2011

• ‘I really enjoyed the course, because it was so thorough, and very well organized, along with a very approachable instructor’ 16/11/2011

• ‘Engaging instructor. We were treated as intellectual adults (unlike first aid courses run for the general public…)’ 30/11/2011

• ‘Fantastic. Dave is a brilliant instructor. He kept it all as light hearted as possible, wasn’t condescending and gave appropriate breaks.’ 12/9/2011

 Recommendations from President Barrack  Obama

“To increase access to mental health services for young people, we should provide “Mental Health First Aid” training to help teachers and staff
recognize signs of mental illness in young people and refer them to

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